De-fatted Egg Yolk Power


Ecovatec produces two main types of “de-fatted egg yolk powder” products. We refer to the products as protein, although they are the same as “de-fatted egg yolk”. Both products are available as peptides or as long (full) chain proteins.

Ecovatec is the first and only commercial producer of both long chain phosvitin or phosvitin peptides. They have strong “bioactive” properties and have a wide variety of health benefits. To learn more about phosvitin, read the brochures and white papers on our PPP product page.

Ecovatec’s Yolk Protein Peptide (YPP) product is a patented formulation of egg yolk protein peptides with a high protein content (>80%) and contain small amounts of phospholipids and phosvitin phosphopeptides (PPP). We can also produce long-chain egg yolk proteins as required by customers. Our formulation of YPP has been shown to have extremely good antioxidant properties. Specifications and brochures can be found on our YPP product page.