PPP – Phosvitin Protein Peptides


Ecovatec is the first and only commercial producer of phosvitin and phosvitin phosphopeptides (PPP) in the world and is the first to discover large scale extraction technology without employing any harmful solvents which can denature the proteins.  

Phosvitin is the most highly phosphorylated protein found in nature and when processed into its peptides, shows strong “bioactive” properties. Bioactive means that it “is able to exert a biological effect at a physiological level, and it must be measurable and able to provide health benefits”.  

Ecovatec isolates the whole protein “native” phosvitin and then processes it into its peptides while preserving their full bioactive capacity. EcovaPure™ PV (native phosvitin) can also be purchased.

PPP shows strong antioxidant properties for the nutraceutical and food industries, increases calcium and iron absorption in supplement form, inhibits melanogenesis (age spots and skin cancer) when used in topical creams, and has potentials to be used in the pharmaceutical industry as an anti-bacterial, toxin-neutralizing, anti-viral, and anti-cancer peptide treatment.

Ecovatec looks forward to partnering with research facilities, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetic companies to further prove the amazing effects of this “wonder-protein”.


Nutraceutical Supplements:

  • Increase calcium and iron absorption 
  • Calcium has a role in preventing colorectal cancer, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and promoting weight management.  
  • Act as natural anti-oxidant – fighting cardiovascular disease, carcinogenesis, ageing, neurological disorders, inflammatory diseases, diabetes, and more.

Food Industry Applications: 

  • PPP can be added to milk or yogurt to increase the calcium absorption upon consumption of these products.
  • Shown to act as lipid anti-oxidant in food processing systems, extending product shelf life and improving the quality of meats.  

Cosmetic Uses: 

  • Prevents the accumulation of melanin in cells, leading to a reduction in age spots, hyperpigmentation, melanoma cancer cells, and generally lighter skin.  

Pharmaceutical Research Potential: 

  • Shown to be effective against multi-drug resistant bacteria
  • Potential treatment for endotoxin-mediated inflammation and sepsis 
  • Can protect marine species against Lymphocystis disease virus – research needed to investigate human anti-viral activity  
  • Cancer fighting properties investigated against 7 different cancer cell lines  


Main Ingredients: 

  • Phosvitin Phosphopeptides:> 80%  


  • Protein:> 80%  
  • Phosphorous:> 8-10% 

Whole (unhydrolyzed) phosvitin protein is also available on request. The product code is EcovaPure PV.

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