ABOUT Ecovatec

Ecovatec Solutions Inc. is a private, Canadian-based, egg yolk processing company focused on innovative technology solutions. We are dedicated to delivering premium egg yolk ingredients to the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries.

Company Overview

Ecovatec Solutions Inc is driving the latest research and development of bioactive ingredients. We specialize in egg yolk ingredients for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries. Our state-of-the-art facility can also be used for contract manufacturing – let us help you drive innovation in your company! We commit to purity, efficiency, and natural processing.


  • Patent pending, innovative processing without high temperatures or harsh solvents that denature proteins, contaminate products, and increase manufacturing costs.
  • Research partnerships and strong evidence-based science.
  • Supplied by local British Columbia egg producers to ensure quality Canadian Food Inspection Agency approved pasteurized yolk is the basis of all our products.


  • EmulsovaTM lecithin outperforms conventional soy, sunflower, and enzyme-modified egg yolk.
  • MyCelleProTM natural microencapsulation technology improves the nutrient profile and bioavailability of oil-based active ingredients.
  • Only commercial producer of phosvitin and phosvitin peptides as well as other multifunctional proteins extracted from egg yolk.
  • We work with pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, and nutraceutical companies to formulate products and run clinical trials. Our current focuses are on iron & calcium bioavailability, heart disease, skin cancer, eczema/psoriasis, and more!
  • Open to joint ventures and partnerships to bring your products to market.


Purity in our Ingredients:

  • Traceability: our plan is to work directly with local egg producers in BC, where we will have dedicated birds. This will allow us to directly monitor and control our raw ingredients.
  • Value-Added Eggs: through ensuring good feed and care of our dedicated birds, we will boost the value of our yolk. (adding flax in feed: increase omega 3 and 6, and other healthy ingredients in order to increase certain key yolk ingredients.
  • CFIA approved pasteurized yolk.

Purity in our Processing:

  • No toxic chemicals used in our processing.
  • No waste products in our processing.
  • Recycling: Ecovatec Solutions recycles all of the water we use, along with all other process ingredients.

Purity in our Products:

  • The above mentioned technology also allows Ecovatec to extract our valuable yolk ingredients without using dangerous chemicals and extreme heat, ensuring no denaturing of our yolk products.
  • Our products are safe, dependable, affordable, and completely natural.


  • Ecovatec’s technological innovations give us products with greater efficacy in providing the nutritional benefits and unique qualities our customers desire.
  • Ecovatec is able to not only participate, but help drive the latest nutra-pharmaceutical research and developments in bio-active ingredients for use in combating heart, brain and bone related diseases.


  • Ecovatec’s innovative technology allows us to sustainably separate and isolate more ingredients from egg yolk, resulting in a greater range of high-end products.
  • Large scale extraction of multiple egg yolk products now made possible through our technological advancements.