PVP – Phosvitin Peptides


EcovaPure™ PVP is a mixture of peptides isolated from phosvitin protein. Phosvitin is an incredibly bioactive protein which has never been produced in commercial quantities before.

In peptide form, it exhibits amazing antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s metal-binding ability is un-paralleled in nature, resulting in a scientifically proven ability to increase the bio-absorption of iron and to increase bone density though conversion of calcium to bone mineral.

Ecovatec isolates the whole protein “native” phosvitin and then processes it into its peptides while preserving their full bioactive capacity. EcovaPure™ PV (native phosvitin) can also be purchased for use in research.

Ecovatec looks forward to partnering with nutraceutical companies, research facilities, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic companies to further prove the amazing effects of this “wonder-protein”.


Nutraceutical Supplements:

  • Iron Supplements – increasing absorption which reduces the amount of iron required and decreases side effects (clinical studies pending)
  • Calcium Supplements – increasing absorption and providing a measurable increase in bone density (clinical studies pending)
  • Natural Antioxidant – fighting cardiovascular disease, carcinogenesis, ageing, neurological disorders, inflammatory diseases, diabetes, and more.

Food Industry Applications: 

  • Add to dairy products to increase the calcium absorption upon consumption.
  • Investigate novel food technology – has been tested as a lipid antioxidant in food processing systems, extending product shelf life and improving the quality of meats.

Cosmetic Uses: 

  • Prevents the accumulation of melanin in cells, leading to a reduction in age spots, hyperpigmentation, and potentially melanoma cancer cells

Pharmaceutical Research Potential:

  • Exhibits anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and toxin-neutralizing behaviours including killing the bacteria causing sepsis, in vitro.
  • Cytotoxic to liver, cervical, lung, stomach, breast and larynx cancer cells, in vitro.


Please note that we offer two products which are specifically “phosvitin”:

  1. raw, unhydrolyzed phosvitin (PV) which is sold for research purposes as it will bind and remove metals from the body when ingested and is not safe for general consumption.
  2. hydrolyzed phosvitin peptides (PVP) which are amazingly bioactive peptides that will enhance the absorption of metals and has other beneficial nutraceutical applications. It can be consumed safely.

It is very important to understand this distinction. If you have any questions about the differences between the two products. Please feel free to contact us and we can explain the science in further detail. You can also check out our Calcium White Paper which explains how the hydrolyzation process changes the effects of phosvitin.

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