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Vancouver, British Columbia – June 30, 2017 –  Ecovatec Solution Inc. (the “Company”) announces that as of June 21, 2017 Peter Hogendoorn will no longer be serving as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Company.

Drew Perrin, President of the Company will assume the additional role of CEO. “On behalf of Ecovatec and our Board of Directors, we want to thank Mr. Hogendoorn for his years of service and his leadership role in developing the Company. His efforts over the past two years have been vital to the Company’s success.  We wish Mr. Hogendoorn all the best in his future endeavors.”

In addition we are pleased to announce the appointment of our new board member, Patrick Elliott, M.Sc., MBA. Mr. Elliott’s combined business knowledge, financial analysis, evaluation and multiple faceted experience with public companies will served as an asset to our board.


On behalf of the Board of Directors

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Drew Perrin

President & C.E.O and Director


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Patrick Elliott, VP Corporate Finance

Phone: 1-604-449-5988