Vancouver, British Columbia – November 18, 2019 Ecovatec Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that as of early 2020, Barex Biochemical Products will be launching their newest semen extender for equine applications which was developed in cooperation with Ecovatec. Barex Biochemical Products’ main product, Hippex, is already being distributed worldwide, and Hippex Prime provides higher semen motility and progressive motility after 6 days than this already superior product.

Hippex Prime acts by priming the sperm cells to a protected metabolic rest state to await activation after insemination. Hippex Prime is an extender with unique characteristics: it is an improved product for fresh use or for refrigerated transport, which is also applicable as a freezing extender and is supplied in powder form.

When it comes to fresh use and refrigerated transport, Hippex Prime is especially suitable for equine sperm that is difficult to preserve, or for prolonging the preservation time of existing  extenders. Hippex Prime can be used as a freezing extender by the addition of a cryoprotectant (e.g. glycerol or dimethylformamide) to the medium. Hippex Prime is the first commercial freezing extender that is available as a powder. This avoids the transport of frozen liquid products all over the world. 

Ecovatec has been working with Barex Biochemical Products on this development for over a year and is very excited about the launch of this new product. We hope to use this success in the equine artifical insemination industry to develop other partnerships for applications in swine and cattle. You can see the new Hippex flyer below.


On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Chris Nichols
President & Chief Operations Officer